“I’ve had four children attend Bellingham Covenant Preschool.  My main motivation for sending them there was so they could simply spend time with the school’s wonderful teachers, Mrs. Carlson and Mrs. Takemura.  These two teachers create such a loving, ordered, calm and caring classroom, even as they are surrounded by 3 and 4 year olds!  These women have remained celebrities in my kids’ eyes, even as my kids have grown, and they are therefore celebrities in my eyes.  I can’t wait for my 4th child to go to BCP next year!”

~Christy Wilson

“All five of my children attended BCP.  They learned about their world through stories, activities and meaningful field trips. Each one made memories and friends.  I have an Early Childhood Education degree and I chose to place my children in their care because I believe in their foundational methods.”

~Kim Peterson

“When my daughter turned four, my husband and I realized that it was time to find a preschool. It felt like a daunting experience as Bellingham has many fine pre-kindergarten programs; we decided to visit at least four or five to make sure that we found the right one. During these visits, we brought our daughter with us with the idea that she would indicate through her actions which one made her feel welcome and comfortable. And it worked.

We walked into Bellingham Covenant Preschool and it was immediately apparent that this was a warm and bright environment. My husband and I felt it and I know our daughter did, too, as she instantly made a beeline for the fun toy kitchen set up near the library area. She didn’t act shy or hesitate as she had done with the other preschools we had already visited!

Rosalie Carlson, who runs the preschool, met us at the door and we were drawn to her right away. She calmly outlined the school’s curriculum and daily routines. She also made it clear that this was schooling based on biblical principles and Jesus Christ, a must for any school we chose.

We have now been a part of the Bellingham Covenant Preschool family for almost four years and have loved every minute of it. Our daughter always wanted to go to school. As a parent, we were welcome to visit and/or stay with our children if we so desired. I witnessed my daughter enjoy a fun day that allowed for both education and fun with teachers (every single one!) that loved and guided each student. The rules were made clear and students were aware that there were consequences for disobedience but the discipline was always gentle and loving. The kids were able to play hard and they also learned hard in a wonderful place. Our daughter left after two years and was confidently prepared for her kindergarten experience.

Now our son is attending and this upcoming year will be our last year to be a part of the Bellingham Covenant Preschool…and we will miss it! I’m sure we will visit even after our son is done as the teachers, and other parents, have become close friends.

I highly recommend Bellingham Covenant Preschool to anyone looking for a biblically-based, safe, fun, educational, and plain all-round wonderful preschool to enroll their children.”

~Kristen Lipton