Monthly themes

OCTOBER we begin the year with Health, so we learn right away how to keep from sharing our germs with others. We also read Bible stories about Christian Saints (for All Saints Day), and we talk about Families, and the Fall Season.

NOVEMBER we teach about Thanksgiving and Native Americans and get to explore Bread Baking.

DECEMBER we’re very busy focusing on Advent and our Christmas Pageant.

JANUARY we explore Winter, and since it’s the beginning of the year we read the Creation Story.

FEBRUARY we focus on our 5 Senses, and Feelings– like love, since Valentine’s Day is this month!

MARCH is about SpringSaint Patrick, and the very important topic of Bullying.

APRIL focuses on Easter, and more Spring themes such as plants and seeds. We also cover  Fire Safety this month.

MAY is our last month, and has both May Day and Mother’s Day. We read and discuss Sea Life and work on the last projects for our Art Show.


Field Trips

  • Cider Pressing
  • Great Harvest Bread Company
  • Syre Center’s Native American and Bird Exhibits
  • Little Caesars
  • Family Interactive Gallery
  • The Cheese Shop at Appel Farm
  • The Bellingham Public Library
  • The Bellingham Fire Station
  • Hovander Park
  • Beach at Larrabee State Park


  • All Saints Day Parade
  • Christmas Pageant
  • Teddy Bear Day
  • Dinosaur Day
  • Silly Hat Day
  • Cowboy Day
  • Color Day
  • Book Day
  • Art Show

BONUS: Kindergarten Preparedness

We have a long-standing tradition of successful kindergarten preparedness:

  • Each May we invite a local kindergarten teacher to meet with interested parents to discuss their child’s upcoming entry into kindergarten.
  • We receive positive feedback regarding the preparedness of our graduates for kindergarten.
  • All of our teachers are always available to schedule conferences to discuss your child’s readiness or any other concerns you may have.

We welcome families of all faiths and denominations, and have been blessed with great diversity.